full disclosure: brad and i were treated to a free night out at high rock cafe – drinks and food were on the house. i am not being compensated for this blog post and, as always, all opinions expressed on the blog are 100% my own.

way back in december (feels like so long ago), brad and i had the opportunity to visit high rock cafe in wisconsin dells for a dinner out!

high rock cafe

the restaurant is about an hour drive from our house and we made the trek on a very very cold & foggy winter night, but it was totally worth it.

high rock cafe has an awesome menu (seriously, we wanted to try just about everything) with a seasonal section that is updated regularly. we didn’t get a chance to talk to either of the chefs at the restaurant, but the staff and the general manager were very welcoming and were great hosts for the evening.

i was excited to order off of their seasonal menu, which was featuring cranberries when we visited. i tried the oceanus hopkins cocktail (cranberries, gin, ginger beer, & apple cider) and it was delicious!

high rock cafe

i also ordered my entree off the seasonal menu. i had the wee-man sandwich (beef short ribs with cheddar cheese & cranberry horseradish sauce on a butter bun). they had me at cranberry horseradish sauce. yum.

high rock cafe

before the entree, brad and i shared two appetizers: a baked potato soup & crab cakes.

high rock cafe

high rock cafe

both were outstanding. there wasn’t a crumb left from either.

brad’s entree was the big wow factor of the night. he ordered the all american, which we were told is a favorite at the restaurant. it is meatloaf service with garlic mashed potatoes & sauteed veggies, smothered in mac & cheese.

high rock cafe

it was a massive entree, and it was oh-so-good.

that is definitely a man’s meal. :)

we rounded off our night with a delicious dessert.

high rock cafe

pop rocks cheesecake! i loved pop rocks when i was little, so this was a whimsical choice. the pop rocks definitely still “popped” and the cheesecake was good.

thanks so much, high rock cafe, for a great night out! we will definitely be making the trip up to wisconsin dells to visit you again.


28 in 28

January 22, 2014 · 5 comments

in 28 in 28, goals

28 years old

i love the idea of a year-long project, but haven’t gotten myself together enough on past birthdays to come up with a list. that is changing for this year. today is my 28th birthday and i plan to complete the following 28 items before january 22, 2015.

i thought about doing a theme for these items, but really, these are 28 things that i want to take off my “to do someday” list, and make them actually happen this year!

1. build a raised bed garden (also one of my 2014 goals)! my mom & stepdad are coming to visit us this spring and we will make this item happen.

2. go to the dane county farmers’ market. i am so ashamed to admit that i didn’t visit the dane county farmers’ market once in 2013. that’s awful. i will go at least once (but hopefully many many times) this year.

3. bake bread from scratch (i’ve done this before, but it’s been over a year).

4.  finish our black & white quilt for our bed

5. hang art in our bedroom (i have my eye on a banner like this for above our bed)

6. make a headboard for our bed

7. travel to nyc*

8. travel to maine*

9. obtain & hang a hanging planter (with a plant in it of course)

10. cover our couch pillows

11. contribute a diy project to my sister’s wedding

12. plan & execute a fabulous bachelorette party & bridal shower for my sister

13. read 28 books (2.3 per month should be do-able!)

14. finish my 2012 project life album (i’ve got about 6 months waiting to be recorded…)

15. hang a pegboard in the office to hold craft supplies

16. see a movie in the theater (it’s been way too long.)

17. go to concerts on the square

18. have a picnic

19. do something about the damage to our deck (vague one. i know…)

20. use my yoga mat

21. host a holiday meal (easter?)

22. learn to crochet (& crochet something!)

23. hike at devil’s lake (just to make sure we do it!)

24. break in our pasta maker

25. purge my closet & keep only clothes that i love and that fit. (this is going to be difficult)

26. drink a beer at the terrace

27. print, frame, and hang wedding photos (it really is shameful that this is not done yet)

28. create a non-project life album to document something (maybe our garden this spring/summer?)

so what do you think? too ambitious? not ambitious enough?

what i like about this list is that it excites me. i did not allow myself to put down goals that would pressure me & ruin this fun (really any fitness-related goals fell into this category). i want this list to keep me inspired through this year & i have confidence that it will!

it is definitely my plan to document my progress on these 28 items in my project life album & on the blog.

wish me luck!

28, i’ve got high hopes for you.

*ok, these two are kind of cheats since i’ve already got plane tickets for one of those trips & a hotel booked for the other. i still think they count though. they’ll definitely be highlights of my year!



January 20, 2014 · 3 comments

in life

currently | 20jan2014

…dabbling in a cross-stitching project

re-reading all the books. right now, the other boleyn girl & the constant princess by philippa gregory

asking for book recommendations. i need some new ones. i love historical fiction. go!

needing new glasses. must get on that.

eating so many eggs. they’re taste too good right now.

turning 28 on wednesday. eeps!

napping like it’s my job.

excited & honored to be a bridesmaid in my friend becky’s wedding this september!

stalking cheap plane tickets for a few trips coming up this year.

waiting anxiously for the book of life to be released. i cannot wait to finish this trilogy!

burning a candle each night.

rocking some green nail polish (julep brand) right now. it’s a fun, but a little bright, change.

wanting to bake bread from scratch.

but lacking the motivation to do so.

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January 9, 2014
around - plants

i walked around our house for about 10 minutes this weekend and snapped photos of all of our plants – an unofficial inventory of sorts. one of my unwritten goals for this year is to add more plants to our house, particularly to those rooms that have none (which is most of them since only […]

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project life 2013: week forty-seven – the end

January 8, 2014
project life 2013 - week 47-52

i finished my project life 2013 albums! it was a marathon day of scrapbooking on sunday, but i am ready to stamp “done” on 2013 and move on to 2014! in that spirit, i am not going to drag out the last 6 weeks of project life 2013 in separate posts. instead, here’s a quick […]

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