dark chocolate

whew! good morning, friends! i can’t believe it’s wednesday already.

as is the norm for every wednesday around here, i’m joining in with jenn’s what i ate wednesday party.

if you’re looking for some inspiration to mix up your meals, or just like drooling over food porn, definitely go check out some of the blogs who linked up this week too!

all of the meals i’m showing you today are from monday’s work-a-thon at home!

i started out with a different breakfast for me – a breakfast salad!

breakfast salad - greens with an egg

mixed greens, tomatoes, ham, balsamic vinegar, a splash of oil, and a drippy egg!

i really liked this breakfast. the egg yolk “dressing” was delicious on the salad!

breakfast salad - greens with an egg

and coffee on the side as always.

my morning snack was…..

fresh cherries

cherries! i can’t get enough of these little guys lately. so fresh & flavorful!

lunch was another salad. in the same bowl as breakfast. (i washed the bowl though!)

big salad

this one had mixed greens, tomatoes, ham, kohlrabi, and radishes with some soy ginger dressing from trader joe’s.

my afternoon snack was some more fruit.

frozen red grapes

this time, frozen grapes!

i found grapes on sale two weeks in a row, so now we have an abundance of frozen grapes in the freezer. yum.

after working my booty off all day on monday, the last thing i wanted to do was make dinner. plus, we had been planning to eat out after our meeting that was cancelled, so we ordered chinese take-out!

chinese take-out bag

i can’t remember the last time i had chinese food, but this was a great choice for an easy dinner.

mixed vegetables in brown sauce

i ordered the mixed vegetables and they hit the spot! i also snagged a piece or two of brad’s general tso’s chicken. so delicious. so fried. yum.

dry blood orange soda

i drank this soda on the side. i loved it! brad and i picked these up at marshall’s over the weekend. i love checking out the food items there. they’ve always got something new!

finally, dessert was my new favorite treat.

dessert - dark chocolate dipped in almond butter

trader joe’s dark chocolate dipped in cinnamon almond butter! it’s blurry because i coudln’t wait to eat it…


it’s like my friday because i’m heading off to denver at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow morning for the fitness & health bloggers conference.

i’m really excited because this is my first blogging conference, but i’m also really really nervous! none of my best blends are going to be there and i really don’t “know” a single person. i’m excited to meet a bunch of fellow fitfluential ambassadors and other new-to-me bloggers, but it’d definitely be easier if i knew more people.


have you ever gone to a blogging conference?

any advice for a first-timer like myself?


it’s the weekend, people. who is excited?!? i’ve got a jam-packed morning that is starting with a long (to me) run/walk – part of it with the dogs and part without, a trip to trader joe’s to pick up a couple things for my mom, packing for the night in manitowoc, and some quick cleaning so we come home to a clean apartment tomorrow. brad only has to work until 11:30 today, so i have less “morning time” than usual.

so i should probably stop rambling and get on to what i wanted to talk about today, huh?

i’ve been meaning to write about superfoods for a while now, and am finally getting to it!

superfoods are foods that are packed full of nutrients with proven health benefits.

i read the book superfoods health style a couple years ago and have since been trying to pack lots of superfoods into my diet. if these foods are so great for you, it makes sense to replace the not-so-good parts of your diet with these awesome-for-you foods, right?! right.

i’m not saying that you need to have a perfect diet, but, if you add more of these good things into your diet, you’re hopefully going to crowd out other less health-promoting foods.

some of my favorite superfoods make appearances on the blog all the time:

  • spinach
  • tea
  • beans
  • dark chocolate (!)
  • garlic
  • oats

and there are many many more.

here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate these superfoods into a healthy diet.


beans are great because they are high in fiber, b-vitamins, iron, folate, magnesium, and are a good vegetarian source of protein.

my favorite way to eat beans is in three bean salad,

DSC_0033 (2)

but i also like to add them into soups, salads, and even healthy dips!

20120128-2012-01-28 042


ok, what’s not to love about garlic. it tastes awesome and adds great flavor to so many dishes. plus, it’s high in vitamin c, potassium, and selenium.

i add garlic to most savory dishes that i make, but one of my favorite extra-garlic-y dishes is roasted garlic and parmesan spaghetti squash.


you all know how i like to put some spinach on anything i eat, but have i ever told you why?


spinach is a low-calorie nutrient powerhouse. it has b-vitamins, my favorite antioxidants (vitamins c & e), lots of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc, and even has carotenoids like beta-carotene, lutein, & zeaxanthin.

(other leafy greens like collards, swiss chard, arugula, seaweed, and kale have similar health benefits…one of my favorite non-chip ways to eat kale is in avocado-massaged kale salad. yum.)


oats are my favorite go-to breakfast. i know they will always taste delicious and will always satisfy me.

oats are great source of whole grains and are high in fiber (my favorite!), magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

i enjoy eating oats hot


or cold (aka overnight oats)

2012-01-03 061 (700x497)

or even raw and mixed into yogurt.

dark chocolate and tea

dark chocolate and tea are two of my simple pleasures and i love that they’re both superfoods so i don’t have to feel guilty about indulging myself.

dark chocolate is high in polyphenols, which have antioxident properties. just remember your portions when it comes to dark chocolate! and remember, it’s dark chocolate that has the health benefits, milk chocolate tastes great, but doesn’t deliver the nutritional benefits of dark chocolate.

20120207-2012-02-07 010

tea is high in flavonoids, which can help lower blood pressure and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. plus, tea can help with relaxation, which also has health benefits.

20120213-2012-02-13 067

and there you go, a short list of some of my favorite superfoods!

there are so many more superfoods that have health-promoting effects like blueberries, avocado, cinnamon, pumpkin, kiwi, tomatoes, and more. if you’re interested in learning more about superfoods and their health benefits, do some research. there is a ton of information out there and i bet if you start adding just a couple servings of some of these superfoods to your diet, you’ll notice changes.

disclaimer: while i am studying to get my phd in nutritional sciences and to be a certified health coach, always speak to a doctor before making any major lifestyle changes.


what are your favorite superfoods?

any of your favorites that i missed?

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