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recently i’ve been able to turn life upside down a bit and have accomplished some exciting things!

  • the garden is completely cleared and a barrier fence is up to prevent little bunnies from eating our summer bounty.
  • the backyard landscaping has been updated & cleaned up – we ran a hose from our sum pump into the street so our yard isn’t a swampy mess anymore.
  • i am 100% caught up on project life & have been staying caught up by working on my layout each week.
  • i’ve been working out regularly – running and strength training – and am back down to my pre-graduate school weight. i feel great!
  • our csa vegetables never go to waste. i’ve been cooking nutritious and creative meals almost every night and have even come up with some new recipes to share on the blog soon.
  • our budget is balanced. we’re paying on our student loans and watching costs so that we can stash away a chunk of money each month.
  • brad and i go on one “nice” date night per month – no phones/television/distraction – to really focus on each other.
  • i went through our entire house and donated/recycled anything that we didn’t find beautiful or useful. it’s liberating!
  • i finally accomplished the 40 hanger closet.
  • i have figured out a schedule that works for me. now i can fit in work, workouts, blogging regularly, keeping the house clean, and cooking dinner almost every night!
  • i sorted through our filing cabinet, got rid of obsolete items and have a new system for staying on top of our paper records. new papers that come into the house that need to be saved are immediately filed. no more stacks of papers taunting me from my desk.
  • the house is finally decorated. art is on the walls and we’ve got plans to finally make some of the more major updates that we’ve wanted since day 1 (ditching the carpeting is on the top of the list!).


completely unrelated photo – i just love my baby basil plants!

hah. i’m assuming you all know that i haven’t really done all of those things. i got this idea from sarah (and she found it here) and knew immediately that i wanted to see what my list would look like. it was fun to think about what my life could look like if i really got my s*** together and put some of my dreams into reality.

some of those items on the list are farther off than others. for instance, since i wrote the list, i actually did catch up on project life (hooray! i did 12 weeks in one weekend – insane!).

now that i’ve actually sat down and thought about this list, i definitely can see what other things i need want to work on.

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Aparna B. June 24, 2013 at 7:11 am

I am IMPRESSED, girl! You haven’t been in your house for a year yet and you’re already way ahead on the decorating curve. Meanwhile I’m coming up on one year and have yet to put up more photos and art. GAH! On the to-do list for sure. I must finish doing this so it seems more like a home! However, I think it’s great you’ve had all these great things happen and accomplished! Go sarah Go!
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Sarah Zinkel June 25, 2013 at 8:48 pm

haha, oh my dear. you must not have read the bottom of the post. i WISH i had actually accomplished all of those things. that’s my “i wish/someday” list of accomplishments.

i have to say, i am beyond flattered that you thought i could achieve that though! :)


Angie @ Pint of Goals June 24, 2013 at 9:59 am

This is such a great exercise to show how much we’d need to accomplish to feel “success,” but then if we did all that, we’d find ten more things. Such an endless cycle we are all a part of.
It seems like you guys do a good job of eating your CSA box, much better than I did last summer. I threw away so many greens, and it made me sad. Needless to say, we chose not to get a CSA this year. Now if it was a meat, cheese, and dairy CSA, we’d crush it every week, but those are super expensive.
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Sarah Zinkel June 25, 2013 at 8:48 pm

so true.

i know that if i actually did all of these things, i wouldn’t be satisfied. that’s sad, huh?

i could get on board with a meat, cheese, & dairy csa. we definitely wouldn’t waste any of that!


Denise June 25, 2013 at 10:03 am

I have a blog post request! I’d LOVE to know your schedule!! I struggle so hard with “fitting it all in”! pointers??
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Denise June 25, 2013 at 10:04 am

Hahahaha! I commented before I read the bottom portion of your post!! STILL!! Tips???


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