Wednesday, April 4, 2012

veg out

April 4, 2012 · 7 comments

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hola amigas! (probably no amigos out there, huh?)

this week is absolutely flying by, so i’m going to change things up a bit around here and keep this wiaw short & sweet!

[but not so short and sweet that i forgot to urge you to go check out some more of this week’s participants and prepare to drool! or just go say hi to jenn and tell her she’s awesome. either one!]

i missed the announcement for the veg pledge challenge, but i think i did a pretty good job participating anyway this week!

hint: want to add in an extra serving (or 4) of veggies? make juice!

20120225-2012-02-25 012

this one had carrots, ginger, celery, orange, green apple, and lemon. yum yum!

and the rest of my foods were pretty veggie-filled as well!


1. breafast: a sludge smoothie. it had spinach, frozen bananas, almond milk, chocolate protein powder, some amazing greens powder and chia seeds. delicious tasting. not-so-delicious looking!

2. lunch: monster salad with roasted veggies and cottage cheese “dressing”.

3. dinner side: asparagus! i think this is the 3rd pound of asparagus brad and i have eaten in the past 5 days. we can’t get enough!

4. dinner: spicy chicken tacos. i shredded some chicken and added chicken taco seasoning. then i just loaded up a couple corn tortillas with the chicken, lots of veg, salsa, and a bit of greek yogurt.


i’ve got a busy day ahead of me that is starting with tina’s bootcamp workout for the day – cardio of choice. so i’m heading out for a little run per my training plan! :)

have a lovely day!