Monday, March 26, 2012

on motivation

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do you ever feel like your motivation completely deserts you for some time?

that’s how i felt last week.

i know that my schedule was all thrown off with travelling to st. louis. plus, while i was there i definitely had that “vacation mentality” that makes it ok to count playing outside with the dogs as my daily exercise and validates eating out almost every meal.

i had great intentions for when we returned from our trip. i was just going to hop right back into my routine.

except that i didn’t want to.

i mean, i wanted to in the bigger picture of working towards being a healthier person and losing weight.

but in the moments when i was making the decision to watch another dvr’ed episode of grey’s anatomy, or choosing to get jimmy john’s with brad instead of cooking dinner, i did not want to make the harder choice.

the healthier choice.

so now i’m here on a monday morning, feeling pretty crappy.

i can tell that my eating was off last week.

i feel so sluggish and lethargic from not getting in my high intensity physical activity.

and still, in this exact moment, i don’t want to make the healthier choice.

but, i’ve stepped back and thought about the bigger picture.

achieving those goals for a healthier me is so much more important than skipping my morning workout or eating crappy food for instant gratification.

that’s why i’m sitting here wearing my sneakers & workout clothes. as soon as this post publishes, i am heading out to get my workout done for the day! it’s ok that i’ll get started on my work a bit later today. getting a workout in and stopping this trend of poor decisions is more important to my bigger picture!

that’s also why i’m making a couple of challenges for myself this week.

it’s nothing huge. just a couple of goals to help me get myself back on my path to health!

  • no television all week. i would love to say no screen time, but school won’t let that happen, and i don’t want to take a week of from blogging and reading blogs! so just no television.
  • i’m going to track my intake on the fitbit dashboard all week.
  • i’m going to make fresh juice at least once per day to replace part of a meal or to have as a snack.

that’s it!


i think know i can do it.


have a great monday! i’ll be back tomorrow with my first adventures in donut making!

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