Tuesday, March 20, 2012

good morning, everyone!

i came to the realization last night that it was silly of me to think that i’d be able to write a bunch of posts from st. louis – hah! we’re been go-go-go since we got here. we’ve got a lot to squeeze into 3 short days.

even though i’m writing this post this morning instead of preparing it last night, i’ve got some good stuff for you!

i talked last weekend about losing my cooking-mojo…but it’s back! in the form of a couple new recipes (coming soon!) and me finally trying a couple of other bloggers’ recipes that i’ve been drooling over lately!

first up: i made ashley’s stuffed red peppers with black bean crema one night last week…

[just realized before publishing that the link above isn't working for ashley's recipe - her site is undergoing some changes right now so hopefully it'll work soon!]

and as always with ashley’s recipes – they were delicious! i didn’t really change much except for adding extra black beans to the stuffing since i had some to use up.

ashley is definitely one of my go-to girls for creative recipes when i’m in a rut!


i also made janetha’s cauliflower crust for pizza!

my pizza was topped with fresh mozzarella and a bit of freshly grated parmesan, black olives, mushrooms, sauteed red onions and red bell pepper, and caramelized onions.

the caramelized onions totally put this over the top. it’s so good!

the only thing i changed was to only add 1 tbsp of nutritional yeast instead of 3 because that’s all i had!

i liked the cauliflower crust, but it didn’t make a very big pizza – i would probably double it next time.


finally, i made these baked zucchini fries with sweet onion dip.

yum. i love baking breaded vegetable strips to make different “fries”! these were extra good with the addition of the dipping sauce.

brad loved these too! we polished off all of the zucchini fries at one meal & had a bit of dip left over.

i have not been cooking much these past couple days, and it’s been nice, but i already miss my kitchen!


brad was a party animal last night and stayed at our friend’s house playing card and having adult beverages. i had to (and wanted to) come back to check on the dogs, let them out, and go to bed!

now i’m eating breakfast and waiting for him to call & let me know he’s ready for me to come get him.


what’s the most recent recipe you’ve made that you saw on a blog?

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