Sunday, March 18, 2012

the name of the game is efficiency this morning.

i’ve got about 3 hours to blog, run, pack clothes and snacks, and shower. brad and i are setting out on a road trip today & we didn’t really pack or prepare anything yet.

this is so so so against my nature.

anyway, despite my limited time frame for blogging this morning, i had to do a seven things sunday post.

seven things sunday

1. i didn’t do anything for st. patty’s day yesterday.

i didn’t even wear green.

loser-face right here…

2.  i have no idea how i managed to skip over this dip last week, but i’m still thinking about it a week later, so you get to see it today!

20120310-2012-03-10 001

liz is the one who told me to try this costco dip. sadly, she told me last night that her costco in cali doesn’t have it anymore! i need to go back to ours asap and grab a couple more containers if it’s still there!

3. banana fro-yo is back!

20120317-2012-03-17 050

if you’ve never tried banana frozen yogurt, you’re missing out!

20120317-2012-03-17 048

all you do is freeze some bananas into chunks, put them in your food processor and process until they reach a frozen yogurt consistency.

then top with deliciousness of your choice. i picked milk chocolate & peanut butter chips.

p.s. the reason we made this is because brad refused to give in to my custard craving – who is that man and what did he do with my husband?!?

4. i bottled a round of kombucha yesterday afternoon!

20120317-2012-03-17 015

during the secondary fermentation, i keep my kombucha in a box in our laundry closet with paper towel pieces over each bottle.

yesterday i removed the paper towel, put on the caps, and put them in the fridge.

20120317-2012-03-17 019

now i’ve got a little army of kombuchas to last me the next couple of weeks!

[for more on making your own kombucha, see this post and this post.]

5. i learned something new on my most recent vitacost order…

apparently vitacost has a page where they offer samples of some of their products. with every order, you’re able to choose two free samples to try!

i have no idea how it took me so long to discover this, but of course i fully intend to take advantage of it from now on.

one of my first samples was this protein powder.

20120303-2012-03-03 002

it was strawberry flavored, which i was a little nervous about, but it was absolutely delicious!

apparently i like sweet protein powder…

6. my march foodie penpal package arrived yesterday.

20120317-2012-03-17 003

i’ll tell you all about it at the end of the month, but i had to share just one thing.

20120317-2012-03-17 008



i’ve been avoiding buying this or the new trader joe’s cookie spread for fear of becoming addicted, but now it might happen anyway.

brad and i busted this open as soon as it arrived yesterday and it’s been calling me from the pantry ever since!

i think i’ll leave this at home during our road trip. i’m not sure it’d survive!

7. my dehydrator has been working overtime the past couple of days!

i made zucchini chips, sweet potato chips, juice pulp crackers, and strawberry fruit leathers!

all perfect road trip snacks.

(recipes coming at-ya this week!).


see you tomorrow from our final destination!

tell me one thing for sunday….