Wednesday, March 7, 2012

almost wordless

March 7, 2012 · 20 comments

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it’s only 8am and it’s already been a morning.

i’m working on seeing the hilarious in this morning’s events and letting that outweigh the frustration/annoyance, but it’s a process.

anyway, i’ve got tons of very green food to show you today for jenn’s what i ate wednesday link partay. today’s version will be less ramble-full than usual.

green breakfasts:

 green smoothie with spirulina

 green spirulina smoothie, coffee, vitamins, and water

lots of smoothies with spirulina and the usual coffee + water + vitamins combo.


green lunches:

salad with roasted vegetables and cottage cheese

salad with roasted vegetables and cottage cheese

massive salads: bed of spinach, roasted mushrooms, roasted green peppers, roasted zucchini, and cottage cheese “dressing”.


green dinners:

baked white fish with asparagus

steamed asparagus

baked white fish (thanks again for the fish, mom!) with steamed asparagus.

lemon cilantro quinoa salad

steamed asparagus and quiona salad

lemon cilantro quinoa and chickpea salad. with steamed asparagus again. i can’t get enough!

and there you go. lots of green meals from the past week!


now i’m off to try to turn this day around!

what’s your favorite green food?

i think mine has to be asparagus! i