Thursday, March 1, 2012

stir crazy

March 1, 2012 · 24 comments

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i had a big plan for last night’s dinner.

i have had “make risotto” on my kitchen bucket list for a long time. it’s even on my 101 in 1001 list.

i decided that it’s past time to tackle that item.

so i did it!

and you know what? it wasn’t that bad.

i went into it knowing that it would take more time than i usually spend actively making dinner. i like meals where i do 10-20 minutes of prep and then let it cook while i do other things. that’s not the kind of dish risotto is, though. so i put on some good music (the decemberists station on pandora) and got to work.

i followed aparna’s recipe for mushroom risotto for this attempt. i also read julie’s post on how to make the perfect risotto before beginning. then i got to work.

i chopped onions and warmed broth. then i got ready to stir.

20120229-2012-02-29 001

and stir.

20120229-2012-02-29 002

and stir some more.

20120229-2012-02-29 007

and worried to myself the whole time that i wasn’t doing it right….

is it dry enough to add the next scoop of broth? no. it still looks like there’s some broth in there.

can i stop stirring long enough to start a pot of water boiling for tea? (i ended up taking several breaks from stirring and it was fine…)

but, despite my anxiety over whether i was failing at it, i kept going. after about 40 minutes, i was left with a creamy, delicious, mushroom-y risotto!

20120229-2012-02-29 021

i want to frame this photo i’m so happy that i finally did it!

and now i’m going to say the thing that everyone seems to say after they make risotto for the first time: it wasn’t hard, it just took a long time.

i’m not going to be making risotto on a weekly basis, but i am excited to make it again! geez, julie has a whole list of different risottos that i can’t wait to try!

20120229-2012-02-29 014

i’m happy to check this item off my lists.

i ate the risotto with some steamed broccoli and thought it was the perfect dinner! but then brad got home and we had this conversation:

brad: ooh, is that risotto?

me: yep – i made real risotto all by myself!

brad: mmm, it looks good. what did you eat with it besides the broccoli?

me: nothing, just risotto and broccoli…

brad: no meat?

and then he ate some soup with chicken with the meal too. that man does not like to have lunches or dinners without meat despite my best efforts to make meatless meals every now & then!



what is something on your kitchen bucket list?

or something new you’ve made in the kitchen recently?

do the men in your life have a similar aversion to meatless meals?

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