Monday, February 27, 2012

this weekend, brad and i had plans for a fun one-night getaway!

we packed up the car, and road tripped all the way to….milwaukee!

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haha. ok, so milwaukee’s not very far away, but a couple weeks ago, there was a groupon deal for a night at the ambassador hotel with a bottle of wine plus breakfast for a great price, so we snapped it up and planned to use it as a belated valentine’s celebration.

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apparently, a lot of people had that idea because they didn’t have an open room until this weekend by the time we booked.

that’s ok though – it was just a little bit more belated of a celebration than we planned.

the hotel was pretty sweet. it was built in the 1920’s and has been restored, so it’s still got some awesome historical touches, but it still nice to stay at now! we got a king whirlpool suite, so i was clearly thrilled with our room.

20120225-20120225-2012-02-25 013-2

the bed was huge and very comfy! someday i’d love a king sized bed….

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the whirlpool was pretty standard, but still nice. we felt very spoiled having it in our room.20120225-20120225-2012-02-25 017-2


i also loved the bathroom. you could really see some of the old art deco touches, with modern improvements, of course!

it was a great place to stay for our night away, and it was definitely a great deal with the groupon! i wasn’t feeling the best, so we didn’t get to do all of the “activities” we wanted, but that was ok. it was a really relaxing night and we got to spend a little extra time together.

i ended up sleeping over 10 hours that night thanks to falling asleep a little early and not waking up until brad woke me at 8:30 sunday morning! (i guess my body is really trying to get better- i could have slept longer). by that time, we had to get going to make it to our free breakfast.

when we checked in, we got two breakfast vouchers to use at envoy, the hotel’s restaurant.

we both ordered coffee immediately and then chose our entrees.

20120226-20120226-2012-02-26 002-2

i got the crab cakes benedict – eggs benedict on crab cakes instead of bread!

it was delicious! even with my majorly stuffed up nose, i could still taste the flavors.

brad ordered steak and eggs and really liked his meal too. (unfortunately, the photo has disappeared off my memory card…?).

while we were waiting for our food, we saw someone at the bar order a bloody mary, and after seeing it, we each had to get one too.

20120226-20120226-2012-02-26 001-2

this was one of the best bloody mary’s i have ever had! it was so spicy and was packed with “toppings”. it had a pickle, asparagus spear, beef stick, and cheese! yum. the spiciness really helped to clear up my sinuses. Smile

we had a great experience at envoy and would definitely consider going back if we are ever back in milwaukee for breakfast!

Envoy Restaurant & Lounge on Urbanspoon

i wanted to visit the public market, but i was really dragging, so we just headed home after check-out. i slept the whole way back, and then climbed into bed for a 4-hour nap when we got home.

i think i’m caught up on sleep now…

anyway, we had a great time at the ambassador despite me being sick. hopefully we can return when we’re both feeling well!

full disclosure: we paid for this meal and hotel stay entirely on our own and i was not compensated in any way for this blog post. as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are strictly my own.


when was the last time you had a night away?

what’s your favorite bloody mary garnish?

i always get excited the there is a beef stick or bacon in a bloody! the best bloody i ever had was at a restaurant in st. louis called rooster. they had a bunch of flavors of bloodies and the one i chose had wasabi peas in it!