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i stuffed it

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i wanted to title this post “stuffing my breasts”, but then i realized that the phrase is “stuffing my bra” and then it didn’t work.

anyway, i made stuffed chicken breasts for the first time ever last week!

i know, i know. they’re soooo easy, how could i have not tried making them before?!?

well i don’t know, but i did it now, ok?

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and it was sooooo easy!

i decided to stuff them with feta cheese, spinach, and sun dried tomatoes. so, i just butterflied two chicken breasts, filled them up with my stuffing of choice, used toothpicks to pin them shut, and seasoned with salt & pepper.

i seared each side for a minute or two, then baked them for 30 minutes at 350* (they were pretty big pieces of meat, so for smaller breasts, i’d only bake them for 15-25 minutes.

that’s it.

20120204-2012-02-04 031

how simple is that?!? and honestly, at least in my mind, they seem a little “fancier” than the throw together in a half hour meal that it was. especially when you serve them with frozen trader joe’s sweet potato fries that you can bake at the same time!

just wanted to share my new favorite way to eat chicken & hopefully if you’ve never tried stuffing chicken breasts before, you’ll give it a try.


i spent a long time last night finishing up the current module for my iin studies. i’m trying to figure out when it will fit into my schedule to consistently stay on top of all the work that comes with iin without compromising the other parts of my life that i need to keep as priorities.

other than having a bit of trouble squeezing everything in without sacrificing too much (i know i know, i can’t do it all, but i’m trying to do as much as i can!), i am loving my iin studies! one of my mom’s friends has been emailing me recently with a lot of health and nutrition questions and i’ve been having so much fun answering her questions and helping her. this definitely confirms to me that i made the right decision by enrolling at iin. helping people with health and nutrition is what i love & now i’m learning to really do it well! it makes me happy.

one of our assignments right now is to complete health histories with other people. all it requires is for the other person to fill out a two-page questionnaire about their eating, sleeping, exercise, relationship, and other habits. then, over the phone or in person, we will discuss their answers for about 30 minutes. it’s not anything formal and most certainly is not judgmental or coaching at this point since i don’t have my certification yet. for me it provides crucial experience and for the participant it could provide insight into certain parts of their life that they might want to work on.

here’s the part where i ask for a little help from you guys: would you be interested in participating in a health history? if so, you can email me 100% confidentially ( and we can set one up! i’d love to talk to you, practice these calls, and potentially help you along your journey to health.


today i’m working from home on finally finishing up a work project that i’ve been working on for a while. i’ve been lacking some motivation to write (i’m working on a couple articles to submit to journals plus trying to start my dissertation), but i’m going to try to take gretchen rubin’s advice and do nothing to help me get going. (if that statement sounded confusing, you should read this recent blog post from her…).

this sounds like a great idea for me to implement when i’m working – i am the queen of coming up with other projects to procrastinate, but if i give myself the option to work on my writing, or do nothing, i’m thinking i’ll get more writing done than when i jump to a new task every 5 minutes! we’ll see how it goes…


have you ever made stuffed chicken? what was your stuffing?

want to do a health history with me?

email me at if you’re interested!

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