Saturday, February 11, 2012

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good morning!

there’s nothing like a lovely saturday morning to get me smiling!

i wanted to post a vlog today. i really had fun doing the accent vlog, so today i thought i’d do one about some cool new products i’ve recently discovered.

(and in case you don’t feel like watching the video….)

i recently came across a new-to-me wine. the xx from brancott estates had a special tag indicating that it was one of the “best wines this month” at the liquor store, and as i am a marketer’s dream, i wanted to try it.

20120211-2012-02-11 007

i saw that it had a q.r. code* on the back and since they’re my new favorite thing, i had to check it out…

20120211-2012-02-11 008

*if you have no clue what a q.r. code is, katy did a great post about them a while ago.

basically, brancott estates came up with their own smartphone app that you can use to find our more information about their wines.

i really liked that you could scan the bottle of wine & get suggestions for food pairings. food + wine pairing is one thing that i know nothing about and would love to learn more! at least this app could help me at least pretend to know what i’m talking about. i can see it being really helpful if i were to run to the store to get a bottle of wine & some appetizers to bring to a gathering at a friends’ house. just pick out the wine, scan it, and instantly know the perfect food to bring with it.

if you’re curious, here’s a link to the app in the android market (if you’re an iphone user, here’s your version of the app).


i also talked about some of these awesome foodie gifts that liz sent me as a belated birthday present!

20120211-2012-02-11 001

does that girl know me or what?!

number one: i love getting packages in the mail way more than can be considered normal. and number two: she sent me food!  it’s a win-win situation. thanks lizzy!


i hope you all enjoyed my rambles!

i’m off to enjoy my saturday! i’ve got to go shopping for my february foodie penpal, frost the cupcakes that i baked last night, and brad and i are going new-car browsing after he’s done with work. it’s going to be a packed day.


do you know anything about wine & food pairing?

whenever i see groupons for wineries offering tastings & pairings i am always so temped to buy them. i should check the library for a book on it…

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